We apply the latest technology in filtration and water purification to your municipal water. Doing so allows us to customize the system to your specific purification needs.

Benefits to filtration systems

The advantages of a plumbed in filtration system include, water on demand, no deposit fees and no grocery store refilling trips.

Commercial Office/Residential systems

We offer two different dispenser styles: an under dispenser which feeds into a separate
tap, and a stand-alone cooler.

Both units include our two-filter system that consists of a sediment and carbon filter,
which removes most particulate matter and chloramines. This system consistently
provides an optimal blend of taste and purity.

We offer additional options should you require a higher purification level:

  1. Our Ultra Filtration is a three-stage filter system which filters out particles to 0.01
  2. Our five-stage Reverse Osmosis system filters out particles to .0001 micron.

Both options remove bacterial cysts such as cryptosporidium and Guardia Lambia.

Application Specific Filtration

For customers who are on wells, we will customize a system which is specifically
tailored to the your needs; Whether it be an under the sink Point Of Use in the kitchen or a whole house filtration system, we will provide you with the right solution for your home. Filtration options include, but are not limited to, systems for water that are high in iron and salt content, bacteria, turbidity (cloudiness), E. coli, and arsenic, hard water.

Some of the methods which may be used to purify the water to your specifications consist of:

    • UV lights
    • Carbon filters
    • Sediment filters
    • RO systems
    • Water softeners

*For application specific filtration, a water sample is required.


Contact us and one of our sales representatives can answer any questions you may have or get you started with your filtration system.